Another Big Week for Cable Word Wars

22 01 2011

Can it be America’s political newstalk isn’t new, so much as reruns or at least remakes from the 1940s and 50s?

(Demagogue?) Glenn Beck is inspiring actual death threats against yet another of his favorite flogging targets while FOX execs insist they hear nothing, nothing and anyway, Beck *denounces* violence rather than selling it for personal fun and profit.

“We are vigorous defenders of the First Amendment,” the center said in its letter to Fox. “However, there comes a point when constant intentional repetition of provocative, incendiary, emotional misinformation and falsehoods about a person can put that person in actual physical danger of a violent response.”
Mr. Beck is at that point, they said.

Meanwhile Keith Olbermann abruptly signed off MSNBC last night and ended his show by ending his show, permanently and without announcing any future.

Olbermann, before leaving the show with a final signature toss of his script toward the camera on Friday, thanked his audience for sticking with him. As was often his habit on Friday nights, he read a Thurber short story, this one titled “Scottie Who Knew Too Much” and published in 1940.

The story’s final line: “It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all of the answers.”

Will Glenn Beck ever reach the McCarthy downfall slash comeuppance if there’s no one left to rightly ask if at long last he has no shame? Does Rupert Murdoch’s media empire ruling English-speaking democracies across the globe bear any responsibility? Was Olbermann’s exit because of the Comcast buyout finally pushing through the federal regulators supposedly keeping things clean for the public? Will CNN be his next venue, thereby changing its future and perhaps ours as well?

Odd that with multiple 24-hour channels called news, now no one knows much of anything anymore or how to talk meaningfully about it, and THAT’s the truth . . .

p.s. it’s also as close to known truth as political news gets, that McCarthy like Beck, was an alcoholic.



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22 01 2011

“You’re gonna have to shoot them in the head, but warning:
they may shoot you. . .”
__ Glenn Beck from a video link I personally saw shown by Keith Olbermann Thursday night (one night before he left the air permanently) labeled as Beck’s FOX show June 10 2010

23 01 2011
Will S.

Glenn Beck is, simply put, a master manipulator of people with low IQ’s, and his goals involve a great deal of bloodshed. Want proof? Read this.

NEW at The Will of The People:
Glenn Beck on How to Deal With Dangerous Progressives: “Shoot Them in the Head”

[JJ’s note: I checked this link to “meet” Will and read his post, which contains the youtube video of Beck saying “shoot them in the head” and also a link to the full transcript of his remarks. Thanks, Will.

He also had something I think might speak to Nance, using sports rage and his Fantasy Football experience to look at the economy’s stress and how hard it is to resist irrational anger these days.]

23 01 2011
Crimson Wife

Cancel cable/satellite. It’ll help your budget and your sanity. Demagogues like Beck, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Maddow, etc. are distracting the hoi polloi with their rants while the Washington insiders and special interest lobbyists are the ones with the real power. I just read Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle and while I don’t agree at all with Chris Hedge’s ultra-liberal politics, he’s dead-on in his critique of how the stupidity of entertainment distracts the populace from the important issues of the day.

23 01 2011
Nance Confer

Like that religion being the opium of the masses thing. . .I think I’ll keep the satellite and just think about what I see. Not that I am looking forward to the State of the Union nonsense to come. But that may have more to do with Obama than anything else.

Now I have to go read about football, apparently. . . 🙂

23 01 2011
Nance Confer

Bread and circuses. . . good link, JJ. 🙂

24 01 2011

Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes scholar with her Ph.D in politics, precisely what she comments on. Olbermann has ended his relationship with his now-former cable news network, which apparently has different standards than the one featuring Beck, O’Reilly and all possible GOP candidates for president in ’12, including actual demagogues — which btw I heard Eric Cantor call “oh twelve” on Meet the Press today, not sure what that’s about?

Washington insiders, at least the elected and appointed ones, don’t seem to have nearly as much power as the top money men. Which is what Maddow and Olbermann have been talking about . . .

24 01 2011

CW, as I commented in another thread, how about David Frum’s take on all this?

. . .academic righty David Frum . . .expounds on five critical lessons for conservatives that [Jon] Stewart wouldn’t find easy to mock and might even endorse, if he did that sort of thing :

1. The danger of closed information systems
2. The whole free-market system must be distinguished from “the markets”
3. The economy is more important than the budget
4. Even from a conservative POV, the welfare state is not all bad
5. Listen to the people — but beware of populism

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