Maybe Schools Won’t Be the Only Accountability Targets After All?

24 01 2011

Breaking news from a HuffPo Exclusive tonight,
Financial Crisis Commission Finds Cause For Prosecution Of Wall Street:

The bipartisan panel appointed by Congress to investigate the financial crisis has concluded that several financial industry figures appear to have broken the law and has referred multiple cases to state or federal authorities for potential prosecution, according to two sources directly involved in the deliberations.

The sources, who spoke on condition they not be named, declined to identify the people implicated or the names of their institutions. But they characterized the panel’s decision to make referrals to prosecutors as a significant escalation in the government’s response to the financial crisis. The panel plans to release its final report in Washington on Thursday morning.




One response

25 01 2011

Re State of the Union tonight and what presidential vision America needs right now:

As the pragmatic progressive that I am, I have absolutely no problem with rhetorical moves to the center in terms of showing how the deficit can be cut and how waste can be removed from the budget, or showing how the administration is eager to help small business and American manufacturing companies prosper, because a Democratic president can do those things while still holding true to progressive values.

What I would have a problem is moving to the Washington center, a well-off elite that supports cuts in the Social and Medicare that middle-class retirees count on, and that supports legal bailouts for the big banks in helping them foreclose on middle class homeowners faster. The people in this country understand what the D.C. establishment, dominated by its big business lobbyists and corporate-funded think tanks, doesn’t get: that the budget can move toward being balanced; that new jobs can be created; that the big banks can be said no to — all without cuts to Social Security and Medicare or the other things in the federal budget important to them.

President Obama has been appointing a lot of people close to big business lately, but I’m not going to care if he shows that he is going to come out fighting for the real center in American politics — the middle class.

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