10 03 2011

My last post quoted Dale’s observation days before it was proven true again last night:

If a minority point of view is on the verge
of gaining a fair hearing within the rules, someone in the majority will simply change the rules. . .

It’s not just one state’s megalomaniacal “majority” doing whatever the hell they please with their naked political power these days, of course. Florida was even sneakier — why persecute American icons like Big Bird or “huddled masses” of immigrants much less dignified, educated middle-class teachers, nurses and other trusted public professionals, until you’ve simply changed the rules to disenfranchise those you already imprisoned for profit and won’t allow to then (understandably) vote against you?

Governor Rick Scott’s draconian plans to slash education funds brought out protesters all over Florida yesterday. Among the waves of angry Sunshine Staters who spoke out was goth maestro Stephen King who quipped, “Maybe my next horror novel will star Rick Scott. ”

Well…why not? Wouldn’t you love to see what Stephen King could do with these?



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10 03 2011

How about this one? Who reflects more quintessentially American rules these days, college teachers or the Catholic Church? If the old rules don’t apply and can’t be enforced, then Charlie Sheen’s mantra — winning! — will be all America has left to believe in.

March 9, 2011
Unionization Drive at Manhattan College Remains Mired in Legal Battle Over Church-State Divide
By Peter Schmidt

Adjunct instructors at Manhattan College finished voting Wednesday on the question of whether to form a union at their institution. But the ballots might not be counted for weeks, if ever, because of the Roman Catholic college’s continued efforts to challenge the election as the product of an unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government into its affairs.

. . .The dispute, closely watched by labor unions and religious organizations, hinges on the question of whether the college remains religious enough that any NLRB involvement in its affairs would violate the First Amendment’s clauses barring the government from establishing religion or prohibiting its free exercise.

In the decision he rendered in January, Elbert F. Tellem, an acting NLRB regional director, held that the college is too secular to be outside the board’s purview, citing various instances in which it “is decidedly not holding itself out as a religious organization” to students, job applicants, and the public.

The college argues in its appeal that it is, in fact, pervasively religious and that the board’s decision to weigh its religiousness represents, in itself, unconstitutional government intrusion into its affairs.

10 03 2011
Nance Confer

Charlie Sheen as the voice of reason? Sad times.

10 03 2011

Well, not the voice of reason, more literally as the voice of winning. He is the face of that kind of out-of-control, say anything no matter how irrational, tiger-blood wild-animal appetite to “win” as if we were still in the middle ages, no more civilized than might makes right.

10 03 2011

Not that real Americans haven’t had to fight the power-corrupted before:

Rep. Peter King’s decision to hold a hearing before the House Committee on Homeland Security on “radicalization in the American Muslim community” embraces the grand political tradition of demonizing a minority community in times of perceived national crisis for apparent personal advantage.

In 1919 an anarchist letter-bombing campaign prompted the Attorney General and aspirant President candidate Alexander Palmer to unleash a series of raids on predominantly Russian immigrant and labor groups that flouted due process and often resulted in what even J. Edgar Hoover admitted were “clear cases of brutality.”

More than 500 Eastern European immigrants were summarily deported.

The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 led to the internment of 110,000 American citizens of Japanese origin in complete disregard for their constitutional protections. Many white Californians benefited materially as a result, especially in the farming community. FDR’s Assistant Secretary of War, John Jay McCloy, famously remarked at the time:

“If it is a question of safety of the country, [or] the Constitution of the United States, why, the Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me.”

10 03 2011
10 03 2011

I know why Rob Reich is saying this but I wonder whether even he can REALLY still believe it, when I’m having such a hard time swallowing it:

Walker would like nothing better than disorder to break out in Madison. Like the leader of any coup d’etat, he wants to show the public his strong-arm methods are made necessary by adversaries whose behavior can be characterized on the media as even more extreme.

Be measured. Stay cool. Know that we are a nation of laws, and those laws will prevail. The People’s Party is growing across America — and the actions of Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues are giving it even greater momentum. So are the actions of congressional Republicans who are using the threat of a government shutdown to strong-arm their way in Washington.

The American public may be divided over many things but we stand united behind our democratic process and the rule of law. And we reject coups in whatever form they occur.

11 03 2011

The political fallout from Walker’s agenda could continue for years – through recall efforts and possible court action and on the campaign trail.

“Once you fundamentally threaten the existence of unions, key support for the Democratic Party, there’s no way to settle this except in future elections,” said University of Wisconsin political science professor Charles Franklin.

11 03 2011

It’s a turf war. Civil war, trouble my friends, right here in River City.

Speaking of what’s happening in oil-producing politics across the globe, some expert on cable just said of those governments, “when they hang together and are willing to use force, they tend to prevail.”

If that’s what the GOP is banking on here, we ARE in trouble.

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