Serious T-Shirts, Hats and Saggy Pants All Trumped By My UTERUS!

7 04 2011


Uterus, uterus, uterus!

Uteri aren’t just for Floridians anymore. Did you know half of all Americans carry concealed uteri with us everywhere we go, even [gasp!] in public policy debate?

“Uterus” has a Facebook page, Twitter hashtags and — because it’s politics — pink buttons.

But most important, Democrats looking for a unifying theme amid dour legislative prospects have found it in a single, unlikely word. House Democrats have started wearing pink buttons that say uterus in capital letters.

Saunders, the minority leader, warned members at a Wednesday caucus meeting not to wear the buttons on the House floor.

If I hear one more professional political operative of any persuasion, claim that these are serious times for grown-ups, they’d damn well better not be part of bootstraps, butt cracks and uterus-button banning if they want my grown-up, fully functioning, potentially incorporated uterus to take them seriously . . .

Gimme that hat!

(girls fall in a heap laughing helplessly)

I thought then and still do, that for these smart and culturally savvy girls, this absurdly irrelevant authoritarian message had extra entertainment value due to its temporal context, IOW its real-world incongruity. Consider that their years as students under “Gimme that hat” as prime learning directive, spanned September 11, 2001, when for any Thinking Parent or Principal, deadly serious school security concerns surely would have topped a priority list that if addressed in proper order, could never reach all the way down to hats serious or otherwise.



8 responses

7 04 2011

So we’re hoping uteri don’t get breast cancer? Too many causes, not enough colors.

Or all all “women’s issues” pink? Because, goodness knows, we are all alike.

Good thing these pols don’t have anything serious to discuss. . .

Nance (Uterus removed years ago — do I still get to vote?)

7 04 2011

I was telling my (scorned public employee) friend last night as we laughed over this, that our uteri were of no further jobs-producing purpose (every baby makes a couple of decades’ fulltime work for the parents, right?) and so we each should incorporate our uterus, load it up with all our debt, declare it bankrupt and walk away unburdened. 😉

10 04 2011

Actually I received an e-mail from someone that stated the ACLU was all about incorporated uterii. It started with the ACLU in Florida:

I am always shocked at the number of women who do not even act insulted when their entire lives are reduced to what they *might do with their uterus. Or that they think it is okay for a non-medical person to remove their right to informed consent.

And yes, I also ask: Can I still vote?

10 04 2011

Nice to meet you, New Mom on the (Chopping) Block, welcome. What do you like to be called, or would you prefer us to abbreviate at will? (Beep, most likely.)

Nance and I are both in Florida. I worked professionally in public policy as a young woman for many years (before my own uterus was activated in the nick of time, to fulfill its prime directive) and became a skilled translator of legislative intent. In this case, I’m pretty sure you can only still vote if your uterus brings a separate US passport to the polls . . .

10 04 2011

Hey, this is spooky! Did you ever notice that you can’t spell u-t-e-r-u-s without US?!?!

Also for our freedom-movement beat poetry, a local FaceBook friend points out that it rhymes with “tutor us.”

10 04 2011

The Women’s Health Initiative and the Body Politic:

One of the most valuable lessons may be that not all postmenopausal women are medically the same. “I think there is unfortunately a tendency to oversimplify the idea that one size fits all,” said Dr. Manson. “Women are different — it’s relevant to almost every medication and almost every intervention.”

11 04 2011

I am not that picky about nicknames. Beep or RRunner or whatever you can repeat in front of the children is fine with me. Been on the chopping block for a while. It’s nice to see that I can be on that block with some good company.

Rhymes with *Tutor Us. HA! That is a good one.

And yes, women are different. A salient point that would be self evident if only the powers that be would stop trying to put us all into emotional and intellectual one-size-fits-all- diapers.

11 04 2011

Physical diapers even! (Thinking how Terri Schiavo was infantalized.)

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