“High Attainments in Liberal Scholarship”

10 04 2011

Florida’s oldest chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (older than I am!) inducted Favorite Daughter this afternoon, followed by a reception at the President’s Residence. Her certificate sports the embossed gold Phi Beta Kappa key and recognizes her “high attainments in liberal scholarship.”



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11 04 2011

I was in a greek society with a Phi and a Kappa in the name, but nobody every accused us of “high attainments in liberal scholarship.” 🙂 High attainments in alcohol consumption, maybe.

Congrats to F.D.!

11 04 2011

How about the “high” then? It’s a phrase fraught with possibility!

11 04 2011

Wonderful!!! Way to go!

11 04 2011

Excellent work. You must have worked very hard to attain that status!

11 04 2011

And it’s been ALL her, really. She is an academic not because anyone ever chose it for her but because that’s who she wants to be and how she sees herself living. 🙂

13 04 2011
Nance Confer

Congratulations, FavD! 🙂

23 04 2011

Keeping this in mind: Hardest Lesson Learned Best Out of School

Training for everything with the goal of making other people into losers so you can triumph, isn’t my idea of family values to teach kids, much less my idea of world-class education to serve our national security interests, with the future of the entire human race and our planet as the ultimate grand prize at stake.

. . .It’s really a whole different perspective from how I was brought up and schooled, so I haven’t taught it to my kids at all; they’ve taught me.

You can’t know when they are four or seven, what life lessons THEY will teach YOU if you’re still able to learn. Seems to me great home education parenting is not a competitive sport, ideally combining the best of chess and music, as a marathon we finish triumphantly despite not training for it!

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