If You Heart Boobies, Can School Punish You?

12 04 2011

You look at it in context. It isn’t written on a bathroom wall. It’s a breast cancer awareness bracelet.”



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12 04 2011

OTOH, at least the judge ruled the American Way. What’s wrong with the adults who can’t handle that other body part word that isn’t lewd or obscene in context?

13 04 2011

They’re all the rage here, of course. My daughter and her friends have them, though they have to turn them inside-out at school. It’s a clever way to increase awareness and raise money for the charity, the way I see it. Not something to get worked up about, in my view. Since they sell them locally, a lot of kids have them. Keep A Breast

13 04 2011

It’s just more “No Tolerance” BS. We all know that young men *heart boobies. Even if they don’t know what that means or don’t really care. {I cannot recall but} didn’t we go through something similar about AIDs ribbons? I cannot remember. Anyhow it’s public school–there is always something.

13 04 2011

Maybe after they hear about this east-coast judgment, someone will decide not to turn hers inside-out at school on the west coast.

The ninth circuit surely won’t want to be out-liberaled!

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