A Musical Theatre Unschooler’s Ode to Last Harry Potter Premiere

14 07 2011

I woke up this morning to discover — posted as a new note on his FaceBook page — what Young Son had been up to all night. Talk about flow! 🙂

As far as his mother knows, this is the first song parody he’s even tried to write, so it just astounds me.

He’s still asleep so for now I can only speculate how it came about. (When I checked just now, one of his Jim Dale-performed Harry Potter audiobooks was playing, as it has all night every night since he started putting together a premiere character costume and pre-purchased his ticket for tomorrow.)

He’s studying French with a private tutor, yet I wonder whether he noticed his parody particularly fits today as Bastille Day, set as it is to music from a French musical, his all-time favorite, Les Miserables.

For my part, I never imagined much less planned for Bastille Day to figure into our unschooling musically or any other way, even though it already has done, for both of them.

Young Son and Les Miserables power of story

Harry Potter power of story

You’ll appreciate this much more if you have the soaring Les Mis lyrics and rhythms in your head, which doubtless aren’t QUITE as deeply bred into everyone as in my house:

Okay? Did you play the video? Do you have a goose-bump or two? Then here we go, exactly as he wrote and posted it! [hush falls over the audience]

“Ode to the Harry Potter premiere”
by Young Son Ross on Thursday, July 14, 2011

(To the tune of “1 day more” from Les Miserables)

‎FAN #1: One day more, another day another costume piece, in this never ending wait to the release. The fans all seem to know it’s time, to buy tickets is not a crime, one day more.

FAN #2: I will not live until that day, the day when it all ends forever

FAN #1: One day more

FAN #2: One day and it’s in the past, it will all be done at last.

FAN #1: One day more

NON FAN: One more day I’m on my own

FANS 2 and 3:Will we cry so hard again?

NON FAN: One more day and I’m not caring

FANS 2 and 3: We were born to see it show

NON FAN: What’s the big deal? I don’t know

FANS 2 and 3: And we’ll sit the credits through

NON FAN: I really just don’t care!

‎#1 FAN: One more day before the stunt!

FAN #2: Do I go to the midnight show?

#1 FAN: With the characters all dying!

FAN #2: Or do I wait for shorter lines?

#1 FAN: When the lines begin to form!

FAN #2: Do I wait or do I dare?

#1 FAN: Will you let me cut in front?

LEGION OF FANS: The time has come! The lines will form!

EVIL POTTER-HATING TWILIGHT FAN: One more day until the show starts we will boo it from the back, we will join these little show offs, and we’ll all be wearing black

FANS WHO OBSESSED OVER EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL OF THEIR COSTUMES: Watch ’em run amok, half are dressed as Snape, if you’ve the luck to get in it’ll be a tight scrape, here a little witch, broom’s a little much, very few have got a realistic touch!

FAN GROUP #1: One day to the final battle

FAN GROUP #2: Raise the flag of Hogwarts high!

FAN GROUP #1: Everyone will be a character

FAN GROUP #2: Everyone will be dressed up!

FAN GROUP #1: There’s a new film for the viewing

FAN GROUP #2: There’s new film to be shown!

FAN GROUP #1: Do you hear the fangirls scream?

FAN #2: My place is here, don’t cut in line!

FAN #1: One day more!(Everyone sings their part at once. As the lyrics change slightly here and I was never able to make all of them out, in addition to the fact that it would take forever to type, skip to where Valjean normally sings “Tomorrow we’ll be far away” followed by Javert’s “Tomorrow is the judgment day”)

FAN #1: And we will not be torn away!

POTTER HATING TWILIGHT FAN: And not a one of us will Yay!

ALL: In one day we will find what Daniel Radcliffe has in store! One more dawn, one more day, one day more!

[thunderous applause]



5 responses

14 07 2011

Applauds wildly! Excellent use of rhythm, rhyme, and meter! Wow!

14 07 2011

[mother beams proudly, keenly aware however, how much less they’ve learned from her than she’s learned from THEM.]

15 07 2011

I hear what you are saying. And isn’t that a wonderful feeling? !

17 07 2011

Fun! Wow! Thanks for sharing.

21 07 2011


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