Is Early Childhood Education Oxymoronic?

19 07 2011

I am doubtful whether parents want or need ‘a highly skilled, graduate-led workforce’ breathing down their necks as they change nappies and hang out in playgrounds; and in any case, early childhood is about nurture through affection, not training for ‘future life chances’.

Ministers should learn to pick on somebody their own size.



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20 07 2011

Early Childhood Edu?

In this household that consists of the following:
Learning how to dress and feed yourself.
Learning how to wipe your own bum.
Learning how to share, how to say please and thank you and excuse me.
Learning how to take turns.
And lots of other fun stuff.

If I try to push a child to learn something at an early age, it is because the life expectancy just imploded for human kind and it is a matter of survival.

20 07 2011

Communist China used to have (and for all I know still has) a slogan about “The State is a Better Mother”, used to encourage people to put their preschoolers into full time and boarding pre-schools. Don’t try to raise your kids yourself! Leave that to the experts who will indoctrinate them correctly!

Scary, scary stuff.

21 07 2011

That sounds simply awful!

27 07 2011
Crimson Wife

I suspect it’s mostly about raising the standards for daycares, which many children these days start attending in infancy. Two-thirds of British mothers are now in the paid workforce, and a large percentage of those children are being cared for in a group setting. Back when my oldest was a toddler and I was an employed mom, I was appalled at the poor quality of some of the daycares I checked out.

27 07 2011

Hi CW, how’s it goin’?

I learned the hard way with the stop preschool movement on this side of the pond, that there’s more than one “it” going on at the same time. Part of “it” surely is about raising standards and all that implies, while another part often confused with that, is about making it mandatory and universal, trying to save kids from their homelife whether they want or need it or not. Advocating for the institutional over the individual on general principle.

Do-gooders and do-betterers, we could call them?

28 07 2011

Okay JJ, now you are just freaking me out!


Are the doo betterers going to let us keep breastfeeding, or will there be robots designed to improve on that as well?

28 07 2011

They’ll MAKE you breastfeed, in convenient centers you can report to several times a day. 😉

29 07 2011

See I would have been damned either way. *sigh. I just cannot comply. It is the principle of the thing.

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