What’s in the Words “Red Meat”?

21 09 2011

Today we bring you Fightin’ Mad White Women in a Meat Locker. Like Rocky Balboa . . .

Remember tough GOP campaigner Sarah Palin chirping on about family holidays in front of turkey slaughter in what looked like a wood chipper, body still twitching and blood flying? The joke then was “pro-life, huh?”

But the image fit and she didn’t seem as bothered by it as even her own team was, much less the rest of us. It vividly showed her to be one tough force to be reckoned with, a warrior not merely of culture but blood and guts, bullets and guns, spoiling for a fight, a warrior unconstrained by truth and unable to tolerate (much less create and sustain) peace, according to (most recently) the Palin portrait painted in the new Joe McGinniss book aptly titled The Rogue.

I haven’t read the book, only heard several interviews with the author. What I heard in his storyline about HER storyline, is that that she’s ruthlessly competitive, so much so that she (and her father and her husband) are insidiously, intentionally menacing for effect, to demoralize and destroy not just enemies but opponents, folks across the country and the guy next door — even those few individuals close to her who dare to feel friendly to her much less try to work with her. (No wonder her own high school basketball teammates called her Sarah Barracuda.)

This all once upon a more innocent time, made me think of her as a somewhat sympathetic Scarlett O’Hara but now it seems more like Lou Gossett Jr. except unfortunately she’s in my real life whether I buy a ticket to keep watching or not, and her competitive power of story is only about winners and losers, just to beat everyone else down and step over their bodies, not to teach and raise them up, not to make us all better for the greater good:

I’ll use any means FAIR or UNFAIR to trip you up!

Now presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is manhandling some red meat for the Red Vote. To prove what a tough competitor she is? — but it seems to me what’s really tough in ways both fair and unfair, is believing she can be so tenderly concerned about our “little girls” when she opposes American society working effectively together to help them stay healthy! — she very publicly opposed a cancer-preventing vaccine last week, and this week stands in a meat locker calling for an end to food inspection, unconcerned about e.coli (which disproportionately threatens young children) . . .

Like Gene Hackman in another movie, I “feel like I’m going insane.” Or from the same power of story:

Not-so-bright performer: “Chewing gum helps me think.”
Older, wiser performer: “Sweetie, you’re wasting your gum.”

Finally, it put me in mind of this, remember?

Oh shoot! (pun intended.)
Federal control with licenses and training and stuff?? Can’t we just open it up for free market sport, this constitutional freedom to pursue happiness by killing, chase em and shoot em out of a black helicopter? Maybe with special states’ rights back to school events each fall, to get the kiddies killing along with mom and dad, sort of family values vanquishing of the wild, if you will . . .bringing the severed heads in for kindergarten show and tell and a nice prize from your sportswear sponsors?

Palin worked to expand Alaska’s aerial wolf killing program, which lets private citizens with licenses fly in private planes and shoot wolves from the air or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank. In March 2007, she launched a new program to pay 180 volunteer pilots and gunners $150 for each severed left foreleg of a wolf they turned in to the state Fish and Game Department.

Palin has been an unabashed proponent of killing wolves and other predators in Alaska on the grounds that they cut back on humans’ ability to hunt moose and caribou for themselves.

Sarah Palin with bear rug on couch

Too bad it’s getting so late for Palin to jump in the meat locker with Bachmann. Would they work together to punch their way out, and would they just punch each other out? (Betting on sporting events isn’t regulated, is it?)



17 responses

21 09 2011

I don’t believe that either female has any kind of internal moral compass. They wear religion like a bullet proof vest to cover their inequities. That’s all. They pretend to be a woman, wearing our female form to gain entry and acceptance, but nothing more. They are simply passing as female-humans but in fact lack the quality to be nurturing or humane.

So If either were to tell me the sky was blue, I would feel compelled to run out side and make sure.

21 09 2011

As far as deregulation–what else would you expect from the evil finger puppets of old money looking to undo the New Deal by any means possible? Don’t you know in their world–Disease is a judgement by God. Whether it be Cancer, or E-coli or Salmonella, or Listeria, or Parkinsons from too much Pesticides.

If You are right with their god, then he will protect you. Other wise—seriously, it’s not their problem.

21 09 2011
Nance Confer

I saw Palin on Fox last night. Yes, I do sometimes glance at that pit of crazy but can’t last very long. Anyway, Palin looked awful. Tired or sick or something. Gee, I hope she doesn’t come down with some horrible disease. . .

21 09 2011
Nance Confer

I guess not all of us female-humans are all that nurturing or humane all the time. 🙂

21 09 2011

Favorite Daughter used to call it “Blithers” disease, when women of a certain age couldn’t control the awful things they spouted . . .

21 09 2011

E. coli hits seniors hard too btw. not just young kids. She’ll want to start being more careful being around all that slaughter.

21 09 2011

I had a friend in college whose little boy had gotten E-coli. He was never the same. You could tell he wanted to play a lot harder, but it had damaged his organs, and weakened his heart. He almost died a couple times. He should have been a rosy cheeked little monster, but instead he looked as if it had bleached him out. He also suffered a lot of food sensitivities after the fact. Probably due to the medicines nuking the friendly stuff in his gut–and who knows what else.

If they start deregulating food, well I already raise chickens and bees. We will can find other ways to get the little bit of meat we need, and handle it better too.

21 09 2011

Slate’s take on the Palin book: “Rogue Author
Joe McGinniss stands by the more outrageous parts of his Sarah Palin tell-all”

Sarah Palin, Neighbor
Sarah Palin, Christian
Sarah Palin, Hedonist
Sarah Palin, Gourmand
Sarah Palin, Parent
Sarah Palin, Sexpot

21 09 2011

OMFSM Beep, horrible story.

I’ve not known anyone whose child (or parent) suffered e.coli. Thanks for filling me in.

21 09 2011

Amazing that people will support a status quo that will allow for their male counterparts to be unabashed hedonists and sexpots while maintaining that Christian label, when the same system denies her the things that should be hers simply by nature of being alive.

Is it hedonism simply because it was pleasurable, or is it hedonism because it goes against what her brethren believe she should be doing?

21 09 2011

Hmmm – well, if I had to choose between hedonism and abstinence-only, easy!

Here’s one example, in which “child pregnancy” is confused with the clearly different word “child” in discouraging error, intentional or not.
. . . what I hope most of all, is that education and politics, minds and the times, they really are a changing.

22 09 2011

Teens do stupid things that can have permanent consequences. You can raise them, teach them, educate them, but in the end you can only hope that when the moment arrives that they make a good decision with a good outcome.

There are no guarantees.

And in impoverished, broken communities where guidance is shame based while adults go through the motions of *do as I say but not as I do…. Those kids are being set up for failure long before puberty strikes. Shaming people about sex only makes it a tool in their rebellion kit.

No good can come of that.

22 09 2011
Team Suzanne

Michele Bachmann leaves me speechless. And that doesn’t happen very often. I guess Sarah Palin did, too. The discourse has spun so far right that it’s circling back in on itself, in some sort of illogical recursive loop whereby my only response is “Whaa??”. Some days, I literally do not understand what they are saying. Not inspect meat? Whaaa?? Did you just say that? Why?

It’s very alienating. I feel like what senior citizens must feel like when they can only hear half of what’s being said. Everyone seems crazy. And waaayyy too mean.

22 09 2011

Yes, exactly, both of you!

Beep, re: the other discussion about poor kids with limited prospects whose lives sadly just aren’t valued that much by school, society or their own parents, so that 1) sports and the 2) military — valuing the same physical type and exploiting it with similar hype and hierarchy, punishment and prayer — are their only paths to freedom while myriad path-ologies locking them down and out, range from teen pregnancy to drugs and other crimes. Culture counts.

The Palin teens had it all: teen son was sports star sent to war instead of college, first daughter pregnant at 17 via a hockey player bad boy from a drug-dealing family and both of them promptly pimping out their pathologies for all they’re worth, likely as all they’ll ever be worth no matter how much money they bank. (Like Michael Jackson, poor little poor boy exploited into becoming poor little rich boy?)

Stories like this just break my heart:

A far rougher accusation is that Palin didn’t pay that much attention to her son Track’s hockey career, with sources recalling that she wasn’t at many games. “When Sarah did attend,” writes McGinniss, “spectators recall that she cheered loudest not for goals, but on those occasions when Track knocked an opposing player down and hit him repeatedly with his stick.”

Another friend says that Track Palin joined the army on the advice of his father: “You’re gonna do this because you owe us. This is gonna look good for us and you’re gonna do it.”

The state trooper who drove Track and Sarah to the enlistment office tells McGinniss that “there was quite a lot of emotion in the back seat of that car, but patriotism was not one of the emotions.”

22 09 2011

While I’m on a Palin tear, about how determined she was to get out yet can’t escape who she is and is perpetuating it in her children, and is trying to inflict it on us: Palin Dressed for Success?:

Gov. Palin hired a publicist-marketer (at taxpayer expense) to pitch her story to the (anti-American?) liberal East Coast media, and plotted and schemed to get this VP gig before McCain ever thought of it himself. Much as she rails against big cities and especially Washington DC, it looks like she couldn’t wait another minute to break out of rural Alaska and be the celebrity politician they deride Obama as being.

. . . He added, “She’s not interested in being on the junior-varsity team.”

So it was all just another fairy tale, her Cinderella story about sitting by the small-town hearth keeping a dutiful eye on Putin until — surprise! — Prince Maverick scooped her up and swept her to the ball (in a $150,000 gown?)

. . . Oh, and it turns out Sarah Palin was the politician backing school as government authority trumping student constitutional rights to free expression, in the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case! Small, not so mavericky, world — we blogged that here when it happened, remember? And unlike Palin, we were on the side of intellectual freedom, diversity, individual kids and families having their own differences yet still being Americans and good citizens, not on the school-and-ruler side of Big God and Heavy-Handed Government controls. 😉

School Rule, From Bong Hits 4 Jesus to the New Harry Potter Movie:

And from that post:

Might it unexpectedly solve some problems, for society to spell out this clear and clearly harsh view of “schooling” as an authoritarian environment, exactly like the military and prison, and so unlike the good magic of natural learning and liberal education? [As lawyer Stanley Fish argues after all] . . . “That enterprise is not named democracy and what goes on within it – unless it is abuse or harassment or assault – should not rise to the level of constitutional notice. . .”

22 09 2011

Palin lost me when she started hawking gawd. After that, her involvement with tax rebels and Christian Identity sealed the deal. I cannot believe that McCain ever had anything to do with that.–It just boggles the mind.

22 09 2011

As far as “logic” and I use that term loosely, circling back on itself. That’s called talking right up your own *sshole. {technical descriptive}. And considering the smell coming from those quarters, that concept seems to fit rather snuggly.

Too bad we couldn’t find a cork large enough to plug that up. It would be nice to get rid of a large portion of America’s great sucking sound.

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