Favorite Daughter Makes a Star Trek Blog

4 10 2011

Meredith and Tim Watch Star Trek is a series of humorous and informative episodes recaps and reviews of the various Star Trek series and movies. Tim and Meredith have different approaches to analysis and interpretation of Star Trek. To learn more, see their individual entries below.

Well, It Was Better Than Learning Elvish, or, How Meredith Came to Star Trek

But Suppose You Maybe WANT Some Technobabble

Dunno how she finds time, what with grad school and working as a library/museum assistant at FSU, plus community theatre (next show opens Friday!) but here’s proof that she does:

I write the Trek summaries the way I see them: stories about people facilitated by technology that might as well be magic. . . .

Deep Space Nine has no good guys or bad guys, just complicated people with complicated views. DS9 is the darkest and most realistic Star Trek, treading fearlessly into topics of religion and politics, eschewing the black and white idealism of the older Roddenberry-helmed shows . . . The theme of this series is Moral Relativism vs Moral Absolutism.

My work is done. 😀



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4 10 2011

Oooh I am going to go check that out! I am a huge Star Trek fan–didn’t get into the freaky fandom, but still it had a big impact on my life. I got my hands on The original Star Trek on VHS from a friend for my kids to watch. We are going to use them for all sorts of examples.

Loved DS9 for exactly the reasons mentioned. It was lovely while it lasted.

My favorite thing about Star Trek is how it was a reflection of issues going on in our culture. Things sometimes too painful to discuss, but that could be contemplated in the safety of a television show or movie theater.

I think that Gene Roddenberry really gave this culture permission to move forward on a variety of tough subjects.

4 10 2011

You win at parenting 🙂

4 10 2011

Most definitely. I want to win too. So I am getting those VCR tapes out of the originals. We will work our way forward chronologically.

5 10 2011

I should probably come clean and admit that in this case, the extent of my contribution as parent was prudently preventing her dad from killing her first serious boyfriend! 🙂

5 10 2011

That’s normal. Or at least as far as I have observed with regards to young women and their first serious boyfriends.

8 10 2011

Young Son and I are watching Star Trek Four the movie on cable right now (the one about going to Earth to save the whales) and it reminds me that all power of story is about choosing how to use our
power, for good or evil.

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