Happy Halloween to Favorite Daughter and Young Son. . .

31 10 2011

. . .our poet and librarian who’s BEEN to Edinburgh! 🙂

Who left a tree, then a coffin, in the library?
It began with a “poetree” — an ornately-crafted paper sculpture left in the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh.

Next was a paper dragon.

Who was leaving these cryptic messages around town?

Indeed, FavD might have been to some of these surprise-sculpture-favored places?

Went to the Scotland Writers’ Museum today! Mostly consists of Burns, Stevenson, and Scott, which is as it should be.
Scotland writers museum in Lady Stair's house
We also wandered around ’sploring, and the long and short of it is: everything in Edinburgh is really cool.

UPDATE from Halloween Night:
Young Son as the Eleventh Doctor Who



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31 10 2011

Don’t miss the Google doodle pumpkin-carve video today, btw.

Young Son as regular readers may recall, has been literary in his chosen Halloween costumes, most recently Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Javert from Les Miserables.

This year he’s sticking with European power of story but venturing into science fiction and getting out of the library, into the magic of television: The Eleventh Doctor Who, complete with all-purpose Sonic Screwdriver.

“Who” is showing up at your house this Halloween?

1 11 2011

Halloween in the Motherland of Scotland. One of *The sources for this holiday! How cool is that!
very exciting!

1 11 2011

More power of story from last Halloween, Young Son’s Unschooling This Week: Dracula’s Offspring

1 11 2011

To be scrupulously fair, the Edinburgh story has been unfolding over many months, not really a Halloween prank. But since the story and pictures came out here during Halloween weekend, I connected it — put it in a Snook costume, you could say. 😉

15 11 2011
Who Are Doctors Who? Not That Kind of Doctor « Cocking A Snook!

[…] as I was saying, Young Son became the Doctor Who sort of doctor for Halloween two weeks […]

1 12 2011

The Library Phantom Returns!

Oh my, you’ve got to see these . . .

In mid-November, someone at the Scottish Poetry Library spotted a fresh, handwritten entry in the guest book, which said “I’ve left a little something for you,” at the shelf marked “Women’s Anthologies X.”

. . . And that, it seems, is the end of our story. Somebody who chose and whose neighbors chose to never identify spent the spring, summer and fall expressing her thanks for the continuing existence of libraries, museums and books in Scotland, “a tiny gesture,” she called it.

Tiny, yes, but also, in its way, very grand.

2 12 2011

Something else both surprising and delightful is showing up in US law libraries this week: puppies!

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