Who Are Doctors Who? Not That Kind of Doctor

15 11 2011

Learning is fun, not work. Schooling is work, not education. . . I believe school screws up such lessons as these, and all the hapless [not-very-doctor-like] folks who receive them.

So as I showed you right here at Snook, Young Son became the Doctor Who sort of doctor this year for Halloween:

Then this morning as I opened up and aired out my own mental Tardis with some sunshine, caffeine and my cable company’s connection to the cosmos — you’d know if you knew who doctors like us play in real life, that a Tardis is unbelievably larger on the inside — a jolt of recognition hit me:

All while I was sitting here
in my favorite Tardis-sized t-shirt:

Think Geek's "not that kind of doctor" t-shirt

We have our share of medical doctors as customers, and we love you, too. But this shirt is dedicated that certain percentage of our customers (larger than the distribution in the general populace… we checked ’cause we’re stats geeks) who have earned the title through a Ph.D. program. Those poor individuals, who, after they’re introduced as “Doctor Suchandsuch,” are immediately beset by strangers who want to tell them about their ailments.

Did you know Doc Ock actually turned into a super villain after being cornered one too many times by people asking him to look at a rash? True story.

Doctor WHO??

What’s in a Name?
Or in a title.
Poor Doctor Jill Biden.
Stupid editorialists.

More posturing about “respect” from people who clearly just don’t get it . . . the title “doctor” applies to ALL fields and types of minds; even the best students aren’t all alike . . .

In our unschooling life of course, I haven’t needed the authority of that title. Most folks I know now don’t realize I’ve been an academic doctor my whole adult life . . . When I’m occasionally called Doctor JJ now, in my 50s like Doctor Biden — also blonde and happy, except about twice her size — I still like it. And I have EARNED it.

So our geeky kids might be real doctors who too, as they bend and infinitely expand reality, unschooling inside their own unique and astonishing Tardises (tardi?) for all or any part of their most imaginatively real inner lives:

The press also generally refers to Maya Angelou by the title “Dr.” even though her degree is only honorary . . . She told USA Today last year that she prefers to be called Dr. Angelou because she’s an autodidact. I’ve never heard anyone in the press dare to call her “pompous” for using the title.

Who? 😀



2 responses

15 11 2011

Hey Lynn, wonder if you could make us a hybrid Doctor Who/Maya Angelou? No doubt to be henceforth known as Doctor Angelwho . . .

17 11 2011

Hm… Doctor Angelwho. I’ll have to ponder the idea… though I love the idea of morphing doctors. After all, some of my most (and least, come to think of it) favorite people are doctors.

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