Daily Show: Different Strokes for Different Folks?

29 09 2006

Senate Chamber Desks

The prolific Diane Flynn Keith sends out a daily home-learning link to subscribers, this one a refreshing change to what passes for government and political news, especially in Congressional election years. See more about this in a minute . . .

But first, did you catch the Daily Show last night??

I squirmed through an unfunny, peephole-sex-would-be-classier episode of the often smart and satiric show last night — with my kids, my bad! — and was ready to call the cable censors myself.

“Daily Show” viewers are 78 percent more likely than the average adult to have four or more years of college education, while O’Reilly’s audience is only 24 percent more likely to have that much schooling. . .

(Are they kidding? No kidding, nothing “kidding” nor informative about the Sept 28 episode, which isn’t for kids or their moms, imo. But don’t go look now, dummy! It’s flat and smarmy and sad. The biggest joke of the day was when the interview with a real elected political figure, actually in the news for writing a lies-sex-and-government scandal book, segued so seamlessly from pathetic-guy masturbation in libraries as tv journalism -also apparently based on real news rather than fake?)

I’ll get over it, likely watch again next week — I have so much college education myself that it’s probably compulsory for me like it or not . . . But I know thinking moms and kids who’d prefer something like Diane’s recommended site of the day, for THEIR daily dose of fun political news and info at home.

History of Signed Senate Desks

One difficulty in verifying the desks’ 19th century assignees is the fact that for many years Senate doorkeepers closely guarded such privileged information. Isaac Bassett, who worked in the Senate Chamber from 1831 to 1895, feared that souvenir hunters might damage the historic furniture if it was widely known which pieces were used by such famous senators as Read the rest of this entry »

But Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little Head

28 09 2006

This is the county just north of me. But I shouldn’t worry, the superintendent assures me. There’s no separation problem here. . .

St. Lucie churches, schools may work together to boost FCAT


September 28, 2006

FORT PIERCE — The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test likely won’t be included in Sunday school lessons, but if the St. Lucie County education chief gets his way, a group of local churches will be joining the school district to boost student achievement.Schools Superintendent Michael Lannon plans to present the idea next month at a luncheon of religious leaders, seeking to build a relationship with them on everything from mentoring students to providing FCAT assistance.\

. . .