Lies and Libels

11 10 2006

Lawyer and dad-blogger Scott Somerville on lies and libels online . . .

Bad Sounds of Schlocky Political Theatre

24 09 2006

Election years are not my favorite. It’s like everything human — both thinking and feeling — gets sent on vacation for the duration:

All in all, too much focus on (and ceaseless amplification of) small differences, with not nearly enough creative impetus toward harmony, symphony, improvisation, beauty, truth and inspiration.
Both liberals and conservatives could speak to such deafening discord, too, or at least Ds and Rs, from what I read . . .

For example, once again education is supposedly the top issue for voters in Florida’s gubernatorial race. Also once again, improving education for kids is set up as a forced choice between ever-higher teacher salaries and ever-higher aggregate test scores as the route to ever-tighter government controls over education (guess which party is which, any third-grader could get this answer right — maybe it should be a freebie on the FCAT?)

Neither one of which, nor any combination of which, is my answer! Because education is not about government or grownup choices and controls — there’s nowhere in this election or any other I’ve seen in my fifty years steeped in education issues, for those of us certain that schools must be held accountable for each LEARNER’s quality of experience rather than pandering to the political demands of either teachers OR taxpayers.