Hard-Snooked Parents

Unschooling moms armed with time and curiosity can become dangerously knowledgeable, insightful, independent and irreverent. We think that’s what happened to us. So watch out no matter who you are or what you’re peddling, if you’re sticking your snook into our private family affairs, especially in the sanctimonious name of the greater good (or God).

We’re sick of being snookered by the whole lot of you!

Big Snooks

For more kinds of snook-cocking we get up to, when we’re riled:

Our Parent-Directed Education discussion homepage

Our quirky collected “Resources for Thinking Parents”

JJ’s Culture Kitchen blog

Nance’s blog to cock the snook of Florida’s testing follies

NOTE May 2008 – the first two served their purpose for several years as our “connectivity” self-education evolved. In Spring 2008 we phased out our independent website parent resources in favor of blogging and learning how to “wiki” (is that a verb yet?) as part of an organic network of Thinking Homeschoolers.

Or you can go straight to JJ’s Evolution Extravaganza and who knows what you’ll discover?

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