It’s The (Sleazy) Summer of Love. . .

1 07 2009

in public, but not at my house. We get classic poetry and true love! Young Son is doing 80 hours of summer camp with an FSU professor at the local alternative arts high school, called the Summer of Shakespeare.

For the month he turns 14, same age as Romeo I think, I say this is worlds more worthy “public education” than the sex, lies and self-justifying bible verse of public celebrities and politicians pimping our their life philosophies this year, most of whom seem like they could learn a lot from expanding their own reading to the power of other stories besides the few petards they’re hoist upon.

So in Young Son’s honor (not Sanford’s or Ensign’s or Edward’s, not Spitzer’s or Jackson’s or any of the Palin clan’s, not A-Rod’s or, oh, you get the idea) I hereby choose Read the rest of this entry »


Remember That Michael Jackson “Homeschooled” His Kids

26 06 2009

And when he was the child instead of the father, was what he got as parenting, “right”?

Joe Jackson told the BBC that he whipped Michael with a switch and a belt . . .When asked about Michael’s comments that he was so nervous seeing his father that he regurgitates, Joe Jackson’s comment is, “He regurgitates all the way to the bank.”

Just a reminder to temper our parental self-righteousness in the public policy square, as this summer’s hysteria heats up over the UN daring to champion the Rights of the Child, and the US education department addressing national school standards . . .

When it comes to Michael Jackson’s children and OJ Simpson’s children, Octomom’s or Jon and Kate’s Eight; Gov. Sanford’s children or John Edwards’ children, in or out of marriage; Sarah Palin’s special needs baby (and her teen-parented grandbaby, her daughter/s maligned by a late-night comic, her 18-year-old son off to a misbegotten war in the Middle East, whew!) never mind a whole world full of hungry, poor and health-threatened children, literally mutilated or enslaved children, abused and neglected children, church-cult-terrorism indoctrinated children. . .

Whose side are we really on?

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Young Son’s Kilts Arrived Today

10 04 2009

(Photo credit FavD and her cell phone)

This is the very American, very comfy for hot weather, very Young Son version. It matches his LOTR/Ranger’s Apprentice hooded olive drab cloak, not pictured and that’s probably a good thing, lol. But the black leather belt that IS pictured is new today straight from Scotland, arrived with the handmade, eight yards of Ross tartan wool, military-pleated pipe band dress kilt. The silver Ross clan buckle is authentic, and you should see all the other traditional and completely authentic elements. A couple that I haven’t learned to spell yet! So more photos to come, I promise.

As I think I posted before, he’s been invited by his pipemaster John McIlroy to play in public with the McIlroys at the Tallahassee Celtic Games next month. So he’s gotta look good! 🙂

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UPDATE June 2010 – another kilt but the sun is brutal, see if you can get enough of a look at it being worn the first day it arrived:

Most Laughable Politics of 2008 — Video Galore!

28 12 2008

Don’t miss this as you prepare for the New Year.

(Daniel Kurtzman edits the Political Humor page of, part of The New York Times Company. He is author of the books “How to Win a Fight With a Conservative” and “How to Win a Fight With a Liberal.”)

Sarah Palin says 17-year-old daughter is pregnant

1 09 2008

I was watching FOX hurricane coverage when the announcer says McCain has just released a statement to this effect, and he knew about it, and it’s private family matters so shut up. Huh? After all that personal family stuff in her “why I am qualified” introduction of herself this weekend? I’m all for family matters being private and have been all along, but for the McCain-Palin campaign and their partisans, that sounds like just another shocking flipflop for political expediency.

15 minutes ago

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Sarah and Todd Palin say their 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant.

The couple said in a statement released by John McCain’s presidential campaign that Bristol will keep her baby.

Sarah Palin is McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

The Alaska governor says Bristol intends to marry the father of her child.

She and the campaign also are asking that the media respect the family’s privacy on this matter.

Edwards and Obama in Michigan — Brilliant!

14 05 2008

Watching right now on CNN, what a really FUN year this is gonna be . . .

Blog for Choice — in All Things!

10 08 2007

In the presidential candidate debate last night, NPR noted that Dems speak with one voice of agreement on all gay community issues — except allowing the choice to marry.

Democrats claiming to be “pro-choice” while opposing marriage choice (and school choice — see rants like this one) put me in mind of Thinking Homeschoolers comparing marriage choice with education choice, during the 2004 prez campaign.

Valerie had astutely observed that education is compulsory, marriage is not — thus education choice is opting OUT of the mainstream but marriage choice is opting IN.

Which inspired me to try a thought experiment:

Valerie, you made a great point!

The big difference between education law and marriage law is indeed which side of the closed [public] door people are banging on.

What if we could address the problems on both sides of the door — those who want in and those who want out — by simply switching compulsory attendance and civil marriage?

(Planting tongue in cheek)

So the civil marriage option would become “compulsory public marriage for child-rearing” — we legally declare that marriage is good for children and therefore, if there’s a child or children, marriage is automatically imposed upon its parents. This legal marriage mandate applies to every family with children, but would allow various alternate statutory family structures to satisfy the mandate. Alternatives would be required to register and be confirmed annually, through CPS or the Church perhaps.

There might be mandatory performance measures. Failing public marriages would be placed under State supervision, and failing alternate arrangements would be cancelled with public marriage imposed by a court in its place. As a stiff deterrent to noncompliance, marriage “truancy” would incur criminal penalties. Read the rest of this entry »