Sunday Afternoon Doing Shakespeare in the Park with Llamas

8 11 2009

The first annual weavers’ and art fall festival at Millstone Plantation happens here Saturday the 14th, and Young Son’s Summer of Shakespeare group will be reprising their Richard III all day. Today for on-site rehearsal, they had the bright, beautiful, breezy lake setting all to themselves — except for the resident llamas, who seem to just love the Bard and wanted to be right in the thick of the action.

It was glorious.

1 millstone plantation llama rehearsal nov 2009

2 millstone plantation shakespeare llama rehearsal nov 2009

4 millstone plantation shakespeare moss tree nov 2009

3 millstone plantation shakespeare llama rehearsal nov 2009

See Google This Morning and Smile!

4 11 2009

Then call any handy family members over to share the smile.
I just did.

UPDATE: See CSM’s favorite video clips from the 40-year run. And here’s one of mine, as a sax lover:

Blame This Shocking Photo on Lynn

8 09 2009


She made me do it.

One of My Favorite Unschooling Europe Photos

20 08 2009

europe trip mer kikki

Favorite Daughter Phones Home From ROME, Overlooking the Coliseum

21 07 2009

en route

I got a very excited phone call from the fifth floor balcony of a hostel overlooking Rome’s Coliseum! Then I saw this update on their blog . . .

“When in Rome…”
Posted by kiki under Italy

When in Rome…walk until you want to throw up and see everything!! Which is exactly what we did today and we loved….almost every minute of it.


We arrived by couchette this morning after a…let’s say, interesting night of travel. We dropped our bags at our awesome hostel and, armed with only a map of Rome and off the cuff Italian, set off to find the Vatican. After walking for what seemed like forever, we arrived on the Piazza del St Pietro (St. Peter’s Square). We popped into a self service bistro and had life changing tortellini and with full stomachs set off to see the Vatican.

We descended first into the bowels of St Peter’s Basilica to see the tombs of the old popes and took great pleasure in bumping into people disregarding the clearly posted NO PHOTOGRAPHS sign equipped with the standard drawing of a camera with an X through it. Then we were truly awestruck when we ascended and our eyes were greeted by nothing less than ST PETER’S BASILICA in all its glory. The sheer size of it took us aback since we’ve come to know basilicas as basically small, ornate churches.

(using my hard-earned “American Italian,” I made the sign of a camera and asked a guard, “Si?” “Si,”he agreed. – Mer)

We wandered around the basilica for a while and then bumped into MICHELANGELO’S PIETA! We resisted our urge to bust through the glass and accost the marble masterpiece. Then we decided Read the rest of this entry »

Lots of Europe Photos Finally Up

19 07 2009

en route

Click on the links:

Pictures are slowly making their way to you, and all the Brussels pictures are currently accessible.

For Brussels (Bruxelles) Click Here.

Favorite Daughter Posing as Part of TinTin's "Secret of the Unicorn"

Favorite Daughter in TinTin's "Secret of the Unicorn"

Pictures from:

Mons/Boat Elevators

Kiki’s Family/Fayt-le-Franc




Roger Federer in Sand at Swiss Olympic Museum

Roger Federer in Sand at Swiss Olympic Museum


Florida Wants to Start Hunting Pythons

15 07 2009
Python swallows pregnant sheep, National Geographic

Python swallows pregnant sheep, National Geographic

Here’s why.

The dangerous business of capturing a snake that crushes and swallows its prey whole will be left to professionals — perhaps 20 trappers at first who could be cleared to begin taking out pythons within a week.

This is not the wild, wild West. These people will be licensed, trained and managed by us,” said Barreto, who . . . ran the bounty idea by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar during a tour of the Everglades. Salazar, whose department oversees national parks, agreed it was worth looking into, but parks service managers have been unreceptive, said Dan McLaughlin, spokesman for [Senator Bill] Nelson, a Melbourne Democrat.

‘Bounty hunting conjures up an image of `Come one, come all’ and go out and start shooting around like Dick Cheney for $50 a head,” McLaughlin said.

Oh shoot! (pun intended.)
Federal control with licenses and training and stuff?? Can’t we just open it up for free market sport, this constitutional freedom to pursue happiness by killing, chase em and shoot em out of a black helicopter? Maybe with special states’ rights back to school events each fall, to get the kiddies killing along with mom and dad, sort of family values vanquishing of the wild, if you will . . .bringing the severed heads in for kindergarten show and tell and a nice prize from your sportswear sponsors?

Palin worked to expand Alaska’s aerial wolf killing program, which lets private citizens with licenses fly in private planes and shoot wolves from the air or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank. In March 2007, she launched a new program to pay 180 volunteer pilots and gunners $150 for each severed left foreleg of a wolf they turned in to the state Fish and Game Department.

Palin has been an unabashed proponent of killing wolves and other predators in Alaska on the grounds that they cut back on humans’ ability to hunt moose and caribou for themselves.

Sarah Palin with bear rug on couch