Meet the Mannerly MisEducation

“. . .an index to her wild mind fields of secretly saucy ideas and pearl-roped unconvention. . .”

For more about her real identity, see “Old Question Rears Its Head Again: What’s in a Name?”

I was too young to fit the traditional doctor mold, sort of a doogie howser. When I completed my education policy doctorate as a female still in my 20s, I was already working professionally in public administration and legislative affairs, and it mattered that I be called Doctor. Otherwise I was disrespected as mere intern or secretary, in their board room mainly as eye-candy and male enabler, usually by much older men with far too much life experience in um, anatomy and biology.

In our unschooling life of course, I haven’t needed the authority of that title. Most folks I know now don’t realize I’ve been an academic doctor my whole adult life. I remain female but I’ve gradually taken on the authority of age and experience, and considerably more physical presence (heft! lol) than in my willowy youth. When I’m occasionally called Doctor JJ now, in my 50s like Doctor Biden — also blonde and happy, except about twice her size — I still like it. And I have EARNED it.

UPDATE 2008 – Nance and JJ unschooled themselves for many years with their first and only free personal website for thinking parents, Parent-Directed Finally bitten by the blogging bug in late 2006, they gradually learned there wasn’t a need to pay from their family education budgets for the website any more. So MisEducation’s diaries all were lovingly saved and if-when they get around to it, each will be carefully tucked into a scented, lace-trimmed box here at Snook for her Dear Readers’ edification and enjoyment.

Until then, “What the Mannerly MisEducation Thinks” will have to remain even more discreet than usual!

Yours very truly, JJ (aka MisEducation)

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26 04 2007
Can You Believe Who's Here? Blog Tour Comes to Snook « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Can You Believe Who’s Here? Blog Tour Comes to Snook 26 04 2007 AT LAST THE BIG DAY IS HERE! And Teresa Heinz Kerry does not disappoint. It’s a real honor to open Snook’s living room to her today, although technically we’re in the library, where MisEducation herself is glowing with ladylike excitement!) […]

17 07 2009

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